Reciprocal link works towards getting quality backlinks to your websites.

Step 1: Adding link to our database

Click on Add link and enter the URL to register your link into our database

  • Use our free plan: Here you can add a maximum of 3 links for free. For every link the free user has to place 5 links from our database on to your website.
  • Use our Standard or Premium plans: You can add a maximum of 8 to 20 links depending on the plan you choose. There is no need to place our database links on your website.

Step 2: Publish Links

Once you add the links, we will review, rank your link and publish. The ranking will depend on the plan you choose. When it comes to free plan, the priority is on number of pages, link position, etc that you place links on your website. Premium links will have rank higher followed by standard and free links.

Step 3: Receive backlinks

After the links are published, people search and place the links on their websites. This is how you get backlinks to your website.

Happy link building!

For further questions, check our FAQ page or contact us.