Our guidelines specify the dos and don’ts to receive more backlinks and avoid link rejections. Please go through the guidelines carefully.

Link Title

  • It can be a maximum of 5 words about the link
  • Do not use email in the Title
  • Do not use ALLCAPS in the Title


  • Do include home page or inner URLs
  • Do not use shorten URLs
  • Do not add links like porn site, hate site, hacker sites and similar links

Placing links on your website

  • Choose the relevant links for your website
  • Click on show code and get the code, now place it on your website
  • The user can decide where to place the link. It could be in the home page or inner page/header or footer position on your website. A link placed on the home page header position enjoys higher visibility when compared to link placed on inner page footer position.

Guarantee for backlinks

Do not expect any guarantee for backlinks. It is purely based on the user’s selection and preference.


  • All rights rest with the company to determine where and how the link is listed
  • Placement and editing of link is our discretion
  • Our company does not have any control over publication of your links on third party websites.
  • We reserve the right to:
    • Remove any specific keyword in the link title or description
    • Reject link submission
    • Move the link listing to a different category or sub category
  • By submitting a link, we do not guarantee its publication
  • Any published link can be removed without prior warning, when deemed necessary
  • The right to publish or reject a link rests with the company and we are not obligated to give any reason.

Link removal

If you want to remove a link from our listing, send an email to support@reciprocallink.com or contact us. The link will be removed without questions asked.


No refund will be given to links reviewed, accepted and started to receive backlinks.